The debate over more freedom for conceal carry permit holders versus continuing a ban on guns on college campuses is playing out in this lame duck session of the legislature.

The Ohio House has passed a measure that lowers bringing a permitted gun onto a college campus banning weapons from a felony to a low-grade misdemeanor.

It would also give state universities the discretion to make their own rules about such guns on campus.

Cleveland State University students were split over whether more permitted guns on campus would provide more safety or more risk.

Some were in favor of having permitted teachers and faculty carry guns, but not allow students to carry.

Others believe campus police provide enough protection against incidents like the attack at The Ohio State University.

Phil Mulivor, of Ohioans for Concealed Carry, claims 105 universities in nine states now allow permitted weapons on campus and have done so without incident.

He points out that permit holders must be 21 years of age and would, thereby, exclude most undergraduates.

Opponents of the changes testified Tuesday before an Ohio Senate committee.

Rev. Kris Eggert claims the law is more for the benefit of gunmakers and gun sellers and the minority of Ohioans who have CCW permits than the safety of the population at-large.

Cleveland State officials declined to comment on the proposed law or what their policy would be if it passes.

The Senate is expected to vote on and approve the measure, perhaps next week. The House has already passed it.

If it is not enacted this year, it will go back to square one next year.

The bill would also allow CCW permitted guns in day care centers and public areas of police stations and airports.