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Ohio Turnpike will be losing toll booths

New plan will make travel faster

AMHERST, Ohio — Ohio will soon be getting rid of some of its toll booths, making it possible to travel the turnpike without slowing down.

The changes take effect by 2021 under a new plan.

Drivers with an E-ZPass can use high-speed lanes that track them with sensors instead of slowing down for the current E-ZPass lanes.

Drivers without the passes will still be able to pay at a booth.

The plan also calls for the closure of nine toll plazas, including Plazas 13 through 39, west of Toledo, and Plazas 215 through 234, west of Youngstown.

The plaza closest to Pennsylvania, however, will see upgrades.

Some drivers believe it will help them get to their destinations more efficiently.

“It all depends on how often you use the turnpike,” said Sarah Peters, who drives it daily. “If you don’t travel it that often, I don’t think it would really matter.”

Others wonder whether toll workers might lose their jobs.

Brian Newbacher, Public Information Officer for the Ohio Turnpike, says “no.”

“We’ll still be accepting cash and credit cards, which will require toll collection staff,” he said. “Future staff reductions that may occur will be handled through attrition and transfers between toll facilities.”

If you are looking for an E-ZPass, they are easy to find. A full list of where to get them is here.

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