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What Northeast Ohio politicians are saying to mark 1 year since Jan. 6 Capitol riot

'The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has stoked extremism and hyper-partisanship across the country, and Ohio is no exception to this alarming trend.'

CLEVELAND — Editor's note: Video in the player at the top of this story features comments from President Joe Biden as he addressed one year since the Capitol riot.

As the nation marks one year since the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol, several Northeast Ohio politicians issued statements Thursday with their thoughts from that day.

U.S. REP. SHONTEL BROWN (Ohio’s 11th Congressional District)

Although I was not yet a Member of Congress when the violent attack on the Capitol took place on this day last year, I join my colleagues and, indeed, all Americans in solemn observance of the anniversary of one of the darkest days in our history. Make no mistake: what occurred on January 6 was a direct assault on the Capitol and democracy itself.

Yet even as the Select Committee on the January 6 Attack seeks the truth of what happened that day, while making every effort to ensure those responsible are held accountable, the threat to our democracy continues. In 2021, 19 states passed 34 laws restricting access to the ballot box. Today, as we honor the brave officers who defended the temple of our democracy and the members, staff, and all working in the Capitol that day, Congress must take strong action to protect the right to vote and safeguard the integrity of our Republic.

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U.S. REP. MARCY KAPTUR (Ohio’s 9th Congressional District)

One year ago today, the hallowed grounds of the United States Capitol, and the very system of governance that has sustained our country for more than two centuries, came under attack.

On January 6th, 2021, I watched as U.S. Capitol Police officers defended the Capitol complex, along with the lives of thousands of people. Some officers ultimately lost their lives, while many more left with wounds that they still bear to this day. All courageously upheld their oaths in service to this nation, and in service to democracy.

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In America, we have the awesome ability to debate, disagree, compromise, and legislate for the common good – and we can do so through the ballot box. Political violence, on the other hand, is not a legitimate mechanism to enact change. It is an act of cowardice, and a stain against our republic.

While the events of that day were appalling, they have only deepened my resolve to help heal the nation, bridge the divide, and safeguard our democracy. For on the success of this endeavor, I believe the fate of present and future generations certainly depends.

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January 6, 2021 began as a day of celebration to certify the electoral vote, but spiraled into an obstruction of democracy. This attempted coup casts a dark cloud over our country. The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol has stoked extremism and hyper-partisanship across the country, and Ohio is no exception to this alarming trend. This kind of violence cannot be tolerated. Those responsible must be held accountable, and we must vow to unite to uphold democracy.

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NOTE: Gov. DeWine’s statement came Wednesday during a one-on-one interview with 3News’ Maureen Kyle in which he was asked for his thoughts on the state of our democracy.

One bad day does not define this country and does not define the vast, vast majority of Americans who are dedicated to the Constitution, believe in the Constitution and believe in the future of this country. So I am optimistic about the future of our country. That was not a good day. That was a bad day, but we are resilient. We are strong. We have to refocus on our Constitution. I think that’s something where liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats ought to be able to agree upon. We’ve weathered other storms in this country, we certainly will weather this storm.

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