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Cedar Point employee ‘seriously hurt’ after work accident: Citation issued

Cedar Fair has 15 days to respond to the citation.
Credit: Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, Ohio -- The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a $142,270 citation against Cedar Point’s parent company -- Cedar Fair -- after inspectors say an employee was “seriously hurt” while working at the Sandusky amusement park.

“OSHA inspectors determined the injured employee fell through a skylight while working as part of a three-person crew to remove insulating blankets and covers from a roof,” according to a press release from the Department of Labor. “OSHA also cited the company for failing to train employees to recognize fall hazards.”

The Department of Labor did not elaborate on the employee’s injuries or say when the accident took place.

“Falls like this are preventable if employers provide required fall protection systems when employees work at elevated heights, or near floor and wall openings,” said OSHA Toledo Area Office Director Kimberly Nelson.

Cedar Fair has 15 days to respond to the citation in one of several ways:

- Complying.

- Requesting an information conference with OSHA’s area director.

- Contesting the findings.

Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark issued the following statement to WKYC:

"Safety for all associates and guests is Cedar Point’s number one priority. Cedar Point is committed to following all recommended guidelines and procedures as set forth by OSHA. The park has just recently received communication from OSHA and the documents are under review."

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