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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says he wouldn't support delaying the election

At his press briefing on Thursday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said he wouldn't support delaying the upcoming election.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to float the idea of potentially delaying the 2020 election.

Asked about the post at his press briefing on Thursday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine made it clear that he wouldn't support such measure and didn't believe there was any reason that it would be necessary.

"The election should take place," DeWine said. "We have a great experience in absentee voting. We have open absentee voting. You don't have to give a reason you want a ballot. We've got it for a four-week period of time. We've got the opportunity during that time for people to go to the board of elections for certain days and cast their ballot and then you've got the 13 hours of election day. There's absolutely no reason to think the election couldn't be held on that day."

DeWine went on to note that even if President Trump wanted to delay the election, the process isn't that simple.

"This is not something that the president can do. If there was going to be a change, it would have to be a change by Congress and states. But that's not what we should strive for," DeWine said. "I see no reason why that would occur. Again, it's hard for me to envision a situation other than a natural disaster -- I don't know. We could all make our own examples. But we've got 28 days to vote. We have four weeks to vote. So I don't think we're going to have a problem. The election's going to be held.

"That's one thing about our system. We hold elections, we accept the results even if we don't like the results. Whatever it is, we accept those results and that's one of the things that makes our country great."

The 2020 election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 3.


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