ASHLAND, Ohio – An out-of-state prisoner who escaped custody during transport Friday night was captured again in Ashland Sunday morning.

The prisoner was identified as Said Ali El-Khatib, who is in his early 30s.

Authorities held a press conference with more information around 10 a.m. Sunday morning.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s office says the escape happened on Interstate 71 near West Salem at mile marker 197, sparking a manhunt across the area.

Troopers received a tip around 5 a.m. that El-Khatib was spotted at a Motel 6 off I-71 in Ashland. When they arrived, he fled the lobby and was soon captured as he hid beneath a pine tree in the parking lot.

Those who live in that area were asked to keep their cars locked and remove the keys.Officials added that El-Khatib was being transported by a private transport company. He has no connections to this area and was being moved from one state to another.  

El-Khatib is currently being held in Ashland County Jail on a warrant from 2014. His escape remains under investigation, however, additional charges are expected.