Do you know what your kids are exposed to daily? More importantly, do you know where to find it under your roof?

On Tuesday, school officials and law enforcement helped answer that question with an event that allowed parents to “snoop” through a room.

It looked like an average room, but as parents went down the line it became more apparent that there was more than what met the eye.

"It’s a bracelet, but it's also a marijuana pipe,” one officer said. “Looks like a 12-ounce beer, but you open it and it's also a hiding place."

"You don't think of like pop cans and sharpies to hide things like that,” Aimeè Lirgg, foster mother to teenagers, said.

It was eye opening, but many parents said it was also necessary.

"It's just so surprising to me all the things our kids are facing every single day,” Gina Koutras, mom, said.

Parents saw what might look like normal, every day things in their kids’ rooms as potential dangers but that was the point, to show them what their kids might be exposed to.

"My sons have social and anxiety issues so they're already set apart from everything that's going on, so I just wanted to make sure to protect them,” Faith Young, mom, said.

"Some of the stuff you know or been through or experienced but there's a lot of things that are really scary because it's the unknown,” Bill Hildebrand, Pfeiffer Intermediate School principal, said.

Just because you know your kids, police said one of the most dangerous mindsets is to think it won’t happen to them.

"Makes me want to talk to my kids more and say 'hey this is what we have to talk about, this is what you need to be aware of,'" Brenda Balish, mom, said.

On one end, parents got to touch and see, but they also sat and learned from the people their kids will have to face if they’re caught.

"We've already found out about this stuff, we know about this stuff, we're gonna be looking for this stuff so beware,” Michelle Herncane, mom, said.

Contact your local police department for the next date of the presentation.