MANSFIELD, Ohio -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich spoke at a town hall event in Mansfield.

Kasich said that you don't need to go looking elsewhere, that "the spirit of America lives in us."

"We are worried about the security of our jobs, we are worried about our pay, we are worried about the mortgage on our house going up...we are all worried about this," Kasich said.

He said that Ohio is one of the fastest growing states in America.

"I'm the one Republican who said we have a problem with climate change...I've had a dust-up and a skirmish with the legislature about this," he told a woman who asked about the cost of energy.

"We've reduced emissions in Ohio about 30 percent in the last 10 years," Kasich said.

He also spoke about the algae problem in Lake Erie.

"Since I've been governor, we have added more than 60,000 manufacturing jobs in Ohio," he added.

He said he can't wait until we get the self-driving car. "I knew we'd have a flying car when I watched 'Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang," he added.

He was asked what his message to law enforcement is? "We love firemen and policemen...up in Cleveland, there was a police chase of a car...and they shot into the car (137) times..." Kasich said.

He added that the officer who jumped on the hood of a car and shot was cleared by a jury " the jury thought that was all right..."

He also spoke about the shooting of Tamir Rice in Cleveland by a police officer.

"If you pound on law enforcement officers and you disrespect them...." he said no good can come from that.