A Jefferson County judge was ambushed and shot as he walked into the courthouse for work Monday morning.

Police say the gunman, Nathaniel Richmond, is the father of Malik Richmond, the Steubenville high school football player convicted of rape in 2013.

The most recent controversy came when Richmond was to start playing football for Youngstown State University and was sidelined for 2017.

It turns out Nathaniel Richmond, who a bailiff eventually shot and killed, had a pending case with 65-year-old Judge Joseph Bruzzese.

Police say Richmond shot him in an ambush type of attack.

"It just hurts. First thing on a Monday morning, you have a judge shot in front of his courthouse. And that affected me. And for people who say they're going to retaliate, this was an ambush and attempted murder on our judge," said Jefferson County Sheriff, Fred Abdalla.

According to police, Judge Bruzzese's bailiff shot and killed Richmond. The judge also fired shots.

"I heard approximately 7 or 8 gunshots and then I went to look out the window and I saw somebody in a white shirt, probably a detective kneeling down and firing at something. That's when I knew something happened down here," said Cody Allison, who says he witnessed the shooting.

Richmond's son, Malik Richmond, is the Steubenville High School football player convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl in 2013.

He served 10 months in a juvenile facility and was set to play for Youngstown State University as a walk-on.

After a petition drive to keep Richmond off the team brought in thousands of signatures, the official decision from YSU was for Richmond to forfeit a year of eligibility and sit out the 2017 season.

Judge Bruzzese had surgery and is expected to survive.

Records show he was overseeing a wrongful-death lawsuit that Richmond had filed against the Jefferson County Metropolitan Housing Authority in April.

A hearing was set for August 28.