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ODOT crews installed new Ohio border road signs and some people aren't thrilled

Some Ohioans don't approve of the font.
Credit: ODOT

TOLEDO, Ohio — With Gov. Mike DeWine taking office earlier this week, the Ohio Department of Transportation installed new road signs at the state's borders to reflect the new administration.

The signs share the design aesthetics of the Ohio.org tourism website and commercials with a font that looks hand-written and the slogan "Find it here."

But it seems some Ohioans aren't thrilled by the signs. A Reddit thread posted Wednesday generated dozens of comments and some users didn't have nice things to say.

"Ohio! We love crayons!" user OhioGabe wrote.

"Even better 'comic-sans, so you know we're a joke,'" user xzKaizer replied.

"I'd be ok with my tax money paying for maybe even just one graphic designer at the statehouse," user sgdoesit added.

The comments go on and on:

"Introducing our new font, 'Ohio Sans Taste'. We’re just testing the market right now but I have a good feeling about it." -ClamsHavFeelings2

"This is terrible. It still isn't as terrible as the license plates that Governor Strickland's wife had a part of designing. Who is on the review committee for these things? These would all get failing grades in any design course." -330212702

"The font looks like something you would see a pre-school using in an ad. Also, what is 'it', exactly?" -namasteintoday 

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