You can buy them in the state, but you can’t set them off.

That’s the law as it stands in the state of Ohio. “Trick and Novelty”” items like snaps, sparklers, snakes or smoke bombs, are okay to use in the state, but consumer fireworks like fire crackers and bottle rockets are not legal to set off. Fireworks can be purchased here, but it has to be taken out of the state within 48 hours.

But an Ohio bill passed in the House and awaiting a Senate vote could change that.

House Bill 226 would make it legal for consumers to purchase and set off fireworks in the state. It would also allow local jurisdictions to set time restrictions or ban the use of fireworks in areas.

“There has to be rules about where and when the products can be used,” said William Weimer, vice president of Phantom Fireworks.” “What safety elements have to be involved? We don’t think any fireworks show is a good fireworks show unless safety is involved.”

If the law would change, Weimer said there’s no doubt that it will be good for business.

“The sales would definitely be increased if people weren’t hesitant to buy it.”