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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announces 'A Plan of Action to Advance Equity'

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced an action plan for advancing health equity and establishing Ohio as a model for justice, equity, opportunity and resilience.

At his press briefing on Thursday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine revealed the state was releasing its Minority Health Strike Force’s final report. 

The report includes 34 recommendations on dismantling racism, removing public health obstacles, improving the social/economic and physical environments, and strengthening data collection to better track disparities.

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As a result of the report, DeWine also announced the creation of "Ohio’s Executive Response: A Plan of Action to Advance Equity."  According to DeWine, the action plan is intended to "reinforce our commitment to advancing health equity and establishing Ohio as a model for justice, equity, opportunity, and resilience."

DeWine also stated that he was challenging local leaders and institutions to take additional steps toward advancing equality, including the following:

  • Challenging colleges and universities to come up with ways to recruit more African Americans and other minorities to become teachers.
  • Challenging Ohio Jobs and Family Services to do more with foster care.
  • Challenging Jobs Ohio and Ohio Development to focus on how to get more minorities into business.
  • Challenging the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio EPA to do more to address the lead paint problem in Ohio.

Additionally, DeWine called for the Ohio General Assembly to pass legislation regarding equality in policing. He also announced the creation of the Ohio Governor’s Equity Advisory Board, which will serve as a permanent, ongoing group to help guide the state as it addresses "the underlying conditions and root causes contributing to disparities in life and health in Ohio."


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