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Ohio drivers ranked 9th-worst in the US, new study finds

The state also ranked 7th-worst for accidents and 12th for DUIs.

OHIO, USA — A new study from QuoteWizard has found Ohio drivers to be ranked ninth-worst for overall driving in the entire country.

The 5th annual "Best and Worst State Driving Study" saw a team of industry experts analyze accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, and citations from over two million proprietary insurance quotes to break down the best and worst drivers by state. Among the worst states for driving, Ohio came in at ninth behind Wyoming (No. 1), Virginia, Colorado, New Jersey, South Dakota, Vermont, Maryland, and Washington. Additionally, researchers found that Ohio ranked seventh-worst for accidents and 12th-worst for DUIs.

"When it comes to the drunkest-driving states, they're all neighbors. While it may seem like a coincidence that the top four states are all next to each other, CDC data confirms it is not," the study claims. "The CDC's BRFSSP data on alcohol consumption by state has the highest-consuming states all in the same neighborhood. It's likely something about the cold northern states where people like to drink and the rural cities don't have much of a cab service."

In somewhat surprising news, Florida ranked as the sixth-best overall state, followed by Texas, New Mexico, Michigan, Missouri and West Virginia at the top. States with the worst drivers had the highest rates of each of the four ranking factors (accidents, speeding, DUIs, bad habits), while states considered to have the best drivers had the lowest rates in each incident factor.