WESTERVILLE, Ohio — A music video made by a Westerville Girl Scout has had thousands of views.

All thanks to her creativity and changing the words to a song by her favorite singer Lizzo.

It's all in effort to sell those cookies and go on a camping trip for free.

"A lot of the lyrics just came to me," Amory Vargo from Troop 6005 told 10TV.

Her mom says she and her husband helped shoot and edit the video and they're proud of their daughter's creativity.

"Selling Girl Scout cookies is tough. If parents are able to help their girl, and if their girl wants to do something like a video or an alternative method to sell Girl Scout cookies, they should go for it," says Amory's mom, Samantha Vargo.

So far, Amory is about a third of the way to her goal of selling 2,020 cookies.

She says she's already planning something big for next year's cookie sale.

The website for her cookie sale can be found here. See her viral video below.

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