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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tells 3News schools should plan to go back in fall, but not sure if they will

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine told 3News' Russ Mitchell that he's unsure whether or not students will return to school this fall.

While Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has set a number of dates in which certain industries in the state will be permitted to reopen, it remains unclear whether or not students will be returning to school this fall.

Speaking to 3News' Russ Mitchell on Friday, DeWine said that while schools in Ohio should be preparing plans for reopening in the fall, the reality remains he's not sure when exactly students will be making their return amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

"I don't think we know, frankly," DeWine said. "What I think schools need to do is plan to go back. We hope we're back in school in August and September and we're rolling. But school will certainly be different.

"We know that the virus, barring some miracle, the virus is going to be very much with us in the fall. So the schools need to be planning on if they're in session, physically, how do they do it? How do they keep distance? How do they do everything that they can? And I know schools are working very, very hard on that and trying to figure out exactly how they can do that."

Schools K-12 in Ohio initially closed on March 16, amid concerns regarding the coronavirus. On April 20, DeWine announced they would remain closed through the end of the academic school year.

You can watch our full interview with DeWine in the video player below.

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