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Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted shows support for extracurricular activities and sports

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted took to social media on Tuesday to share support for extracurricular activities, including sports.

Sports figure to be a likely topic of conversation at Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's press briefing on Tuesday.

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But when it comes to extracurricular activities -- including sports -- Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted has already made it clear where he stands.

Taking to his personal Twitter account on Monday afternoon, Husted advocated for extracurricular activities in the state to move forward amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In particular, Husted pointed to concerns about those who participate in such sports and activities would otherwise fill their schedules.

"What’s the greater risk to people under age 25, canceling in-person learning & extracurriculars (sports) to protect them from COVID or leaving it to chance how they’ll fill this time?" Husted wrote. "You can’t take these things away from young people & expect good(health, academic, life) results."

Husted's comments come at a time of great uncertainty for sports in the Buckeye State. With the Mid-American Conference having already voted to postpone its fall sports season, Big Ten university presidents are holding a meeting on Tuesday and are expected to hold a vote regarding the future of the league's 2020 football season.

Meanwhile, at the high school level, the Ohio High School Athletic Association has reaffirmed its plans to move forward with its fall sports seasons, including a drastically adjusted football schedule. In recent days, school districts including North Royalton and Parma City Schools have reversed course on previous decisions and are now moving forward with extracurricular activities, including sports.