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Ohio Task Force 1 moves into Baton Rouge to assist in Hurricane Ida relief

“It is such a tremendous task, with multiple obstacles, to recover from these storms."

BATON ROUGE, La. — Editor's Note: The above video features previous reporting on Task Force 1 in Louisiana.

Earlier this week, the urban search and rescue team, Ohio Task Force 1, arrived in Louisiana to assist in helping the victims of Hurricane Ida and restore hope for the community.

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On Thursday, Ohio Task Force 1 moved their operations to a new location in the state, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Their assignment is to perform wide-area searches within the city. The team will be working up to the Mississippi border.

According to a Facebook post by Ohio Task Force 1, the team members are healthy and are in good spirits!

Task Force Leader Jeff Newman, who also serves as a full-time fire officer with Sycamore Township Fire Department, stated the following: “The damage in the wake of these storms is always staggering, it is gratifying to see the team, boots on the ground, fully engaged with the community, assisting them in getting back on their feet.”

“It is such a tremendous task, with multiple obstacles, to recover from these storms,'' said Newman. “I am certain our team's efforts help them to jump some of these hurdles.”

Due to the lack of essential utilities in the area, the communication with Ohio Task Force 1 is minimal.

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