A police department outside of Mansfield is still waiting on lab results as they look into a parents’ claim that tainted Halloween candy caused their child to get sick.

The investigation was launched over the weekend after staff from a hospital emergency room called Galion police to say that a young boy had tested positive for methamphetamine. The 5-year-old is okay but he had reportedly suffered a possible seizure after the his father said that he took his son trick-or-treating Sunday afternoon.

He told police his son only had a couple of pieces of candy and was playing with plastic vampire teeth. The candy was thrown in the trash, but police collected it into evidence and submitted it for testing.

This remains an isolated incident according to police. It’s still unclear whether the candy was tainted.

Investigators are still waiting on results from the Mansfield Crime Lab where they are testing the candy and plastic vampire teeth. They have not received any other reports of children who have gotten sick after eating candy. They confirmed that they are talking to everyone involved in the incident to determine how the child fell ill and tested positive for methamphetamine.