What started as a WKYC holiday project in early December has snowballed into something even bigger.

This week, WKYC employees organized a free post-Christmas outing for 14 girls in foster care, treating  them to a “hair care field trip” to a Cleveland Heights beauty salon.

Each girl had her hair washed and styled for free, courtesy of Lenora’s Healthy Hair Clinic on Taylor Road, and each one went home with a gift box filled with personal care items.

Lots of WKYC staffers took part in the outing, including Digital Marketing Producer Chanel Glenn and Sales Coordinator Taylor Ervin who polished the girls’ nails and chatted with them. Jasmine Monroe, Tiffany Tarpley and Danielle Wiggins from WKYC’s newsroom stopped by and talked to the girls not just about what it’s like to be on TV but also about hair care and personal issues.

There was a lot of advice shared, and memories were made. Jasmine Monroe left a big impression when she talked about a favorite mentor, Chris Moore, who told her to always put on her "CAP" when she goes out -- meaning be confident, be aware, and take pride in your appearance. That quote was repeated frequently as the girls looked in the mirror at their new hairstyles and were encouraged to walk with confidence.

The idea for the hair care field trip came about earlier in December when WKYC partnered with Fostering Hope to “adopt” more than a dozen girls in foster care.

As WKYC staffers worked to fulfill the wish lists of the girls, who all live in foster homes managed by Ohio Guidestone, we noticed that nearly all of the girls requested shampoo, conditioner, hair gel and other hair care products.  It was obvious that these young women were quite interested in making sure their hair looked good!

And so, after a conversation with stylist Lenora Cruz-Price, who generously offered to wash and style their hair for free, plans were put in place with Fostering Hope and Ohio Guidestone to bring the girls over to Cruz-Price’s salon for a hair clinic plus lunch and gifts. Now Cruz-Price is already planning to work with WKYC and Fostering Hope to repeat the event in the spring.

Special thanks go to: Longwood Beauty Supply in Maple Heights for supplying the Christmas hair care items at a discount; Jessie Cruz Rodriguez for donating the toiletries and gift boxes; and Lenora’s Healthy Hair Clinic for providing hair care services and lunch for free.