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Clear the Shelters 2020: The focus is not just on cats and dogs

Our scaley friends need love, too.

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio — As Clear the Shelters continues, there is so much focus on cats and dogs. But our scaley friends need some love, too. Herps Alive pet store in South Euclid is part of the Clear the Shelters campaign, and hopes to see more adoptions this year than the one-day campaign in 2019.

And they've got quite the selection to choose from.

"Bearded dragons are always very popula, they're probably the most popular reptile in the country, so we always have them available because there's more demand for them, Herps Alive Executive Director Keith Gisser explains. "We also adopt out a lot of ball pythons. Right now we have to have a large number of small boa constrictors available because they're always very popular. And leopard geckos are always very popular."

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In fact, you may spot a few of their animals in an upcoming music video. Gisser says he took some of his own and some of the pets reptiles to a mansion up in Michigan, where they filmed for a whole weekend. No word yet on who was behind that project.

As far as care goes, Gisser says it's important to remember, though these animals can't bark or squak, they require just as much intimate care.

 "One thing you have to remember though, a bearded dragon will live up to 15 years, same live span of a dog or a cat. Leopard geckos can live 20 years or more. Some of these snakes can live up to 30 years Then when you get involved with turtles or tortoises it can be a 75 year commitment," Gisser explains.

You should still have a vet for your scaley companion, buy the proper equipment for them to live comfortably, and of course, show them the same kind of love.

"Yeah they're reptiles. These animals certainly do have personalities, they have characteristics, and everyone is different, even within one type of one species," Gisser says.

Visit the Herps Alive Facebook page, here.

For all information on how to adopt during the Clear the Shelters campaign, click here.


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