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Communities pull together during uncertain times of coronavirus pandemic: Neighbor helping neighbor

While many are practicing social distancing and anxious about the current state of affairs, good samaritans are popping up all over to help out their neighbors.

CLEVELAND — While this is an anxious time for many  trying to figure out a temporary new world, neighbors around the area are stepping up to help their communities. 

"I wanted to reach out and help in anyway I could in our community," says Eileen Crilley.

As many are flocking to grocery stores to load up for their families, Eileen is going to the store to help out those who need it. She posted a message on Nextdoor, letting those near her know if they have a compromised immune system or are elderly, she'd be happy to help out.

Crilley says, "It doesn't take much, when you're thinking about what's going on, to keep the elderly in mind. To let our senior citizens know that we're there for them, especially those who have no one else."

Her kindness is widespread. "So we are in general, just looking out for the community," says Amanda Haun. She and other teachers know that not all parents understand schoolwork and homework assignments. 

"There's just so many new things that parents aren't used to within the curriculum," says Haun.

So, with schools closed, many have posted to Facebook to volunteer to answer questions or assist confused parents.

"So, they can make sure that their education doesn't have any gaps in it. Because we know once they go onto the next grade, it's just like a building. If that base isn't there, they're not going to be able to build on top," says Haun.

In one neighborhood, parents have been organizing scavenger hunts, games and even the writing of uplifting messages on sidewalks. It's all to offer a little fun and sense of community in a strange and troubling time.

"All these messages to smile and good wishes, and stay happy. There's a lot of written messages that the kids have done and they're fantastic," says Joanne Heun.

Whether it’s chalk writings, help with school work or errand running, they all have the same message. That neighbors care and we're all in this together.

Joanne says, "They really show love and what love means and caring about others."

"It is just heartwarming to see everyone come together like they have. It's just wonderful," says Haun.

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