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Pfluger visits migrant holding facility in Midland

After visiting the border earlier in the day to assess border security, August Pfluger came back to Midland to look at the facility that will hold 700 migrant kids.

MIDLAND, Texas — Migrant children are making their way to Midland. In fact, as many as 700 children are on their way to a housing facility in Midland County where they will remain for the next few weeks.

The question remains, how will it operate? How people be treated medically? How will COVID cases be handled? U.S. Congressman August Pfluger provided some answers.

"There are medical professionals here. The Red Cross is inside. Health and Human Services are the medical team that will be here. One of the most important things that I asked was what about the COVID testing," Pfluger said.

That was Pfluger's main concern. A COVID outbreak in the facility could be possible if not handled correctly. However, protocols are already in place.

"I did implore them that they needed to test these folks that are coming up here, and then if those test results are positive, I also asked them to make sure that they are appropriately quarantined. They said they’re going to send folks on different buses that are COVID positive and keep them in different areas," Pfluger said.

As for general safety, both Health and Human Services as well as the DHS will be keeping an eye on the children while they stay in the facility.

"While they’re here they are the responsibility of the Health and Human Services organization. On the outside you’ll see federal protective services so this is a DHS, department of homeland security law-enforcement agency that is protecting the perimeter to make sure that there are no breaches," Pfluger said.

Despite all of the ability to be able to look after these migrants right now, Pfluger doesn't want what has happened now to become a trend.

"I think the most important thing that we express our displeasure with was the fact that there wasn’t any coordination and so you know we certainly don’t want this to become a trend," Pfluger said.

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