A Portage County judge denied a request to expunge and seal the criminal record of former Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver.

The request comes about a year after Oliver was convicted of four misdemeanor charges, including attempted theft in office and simple assault which involved female officer Crystal Casterline who accused him of sexual harassment.

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Oliver addressed the Portage County Common Pleas Judge Laurie Pittman in court before she announced her decision.

"This experience has humbled me greatly," Oliver said.

"It should have," Pittman said.

"It did," Oliver responded. "I'm just not that guy anymore. I'm not the guy who cares to tell other people what I think. I'm not the guy who cares to inject my opinion into everything. Frankly, I'm not the guy that needs to be correct or right all the time. It has humbled me greatly. I never envisioned a public execution like the one that took place."

Casterline was next to address Judge Pittman, stating that Oliver should be held accountable for his actions.

"The one solace I took from this was that he would never do this again because people would know who he is now," said Casterline. "I feel that if he were to have [his record] eradicated, expunged, sealed, as if it never happened, the public is being set up for a repeat of David Oliver's actions."

Pittman denied Oliver's request to expunge or seal the records.

"The lack of ownership of what he's done and the fact that we have several charges and I agree that I don't think he's eligible," said Pittman. "I'm going to deny to expunge or seal the record."

Oliver was known for his humorous commentary about criminals on the police department's Facebook page that garnered more than 170,000 followers.

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Oliver resigned as police chief in 2015 before he was sentenced to two years probation and surrendered his certificate to be an officer.