Portage County Prosecutor Victor Vigluicci has recommended that no criminal or juvenile citations be filed against members of the Crestwood High School football team for a series of incidents that led to the suspension of the program earlier this fall.

In a letter sent to Mantua Police Sgt. Joe Urso and shared by the Record-Courier, Vigluicci described the incidents that caused the football team to be under investigation, and ultimately suspended for two games.

On July 28, a freshman member of the Crestwood team was “dragged, punched and kicked” in his sleeping bag by other teammates during an overnight event. Vigluicci noted that the player was checked on by two coaches at the chaperoned event, who “found him to be giggling and he stated that he was OK."

According to Vigluicci, that incident does not meet the requirement of hazing according to the Ohio statute, and should be handled internally by Crestwood administrators.

The investigation also revealed that on several occasions, Crestwood football players engaged in a series of 'contests,' where they would expose and reveal the size of their genitals. This happened on two or three occasions.

Vigluicci states in his letter that "participants were not forced or coerced to participate and no touching of genitals occurred." He concludes that there was nothing sexual in nature.

"Therefore, we conclude that these incidents should also be handled internally by the school administration with appropriate discipline administered to the players involved," Vigluicci finishes.