Dramatic body cam video has been released after police shoot a Twinsburg man who had just shot his son.

Summit County Prosecutors Office completed their investigation Friday, saying the police shooting was legally justified and appropriate.

While Scott Shaw, 55, lay dying from two gunshot wounds from his father, his wife called 911.

Caller: “My husband’s not breathing, hurry.”

Dispatcher: “Do you know who shot him?"

Caller: “His father. He’s sitting here with a gun in his hand. Please, my husband is dying.”

While she’s on the line with the dispatcher, police arrive. But police won’t give rescue to Scott until his father Charles Shaw, 76, who remains sitting in his chair, puts down his gun.

Police yell at him to “Drop the gun.”

Police say Charles didn’t listen to those commands. Instead, he loaded the gun, cocked it and raised it toward an officer. That’s when police fired. Police shot Charles in the arm and stomach, killing him.

Police say Charles’ wife was standing nearby and was hit by bullet fragments. She was treated and released from the hospital.

Afterward, police tried to resuscitate Scott, but failed.

Charles’ daughter-in-law told police Charles was upset that he wasn’t getting his anti-depressant medicine and was threatening to go to Cleveland Clinic with his gun. That’s when her husband Scott tried to stop him and Charles shot Scott.