DICKINSON, Texas- The Dickinson community is wondering when FEMA will show up after Harvey devastated the town.

Nearly a week after filing claims, storm victims said they’ve heard nothing from the federal agency while their losses seem to mount.

A spokesperson told KHOU 11 News that FEMA scattered claims adjusters all over the region to help victims one neighborhood at a time.

However, those waiting on Nichols Avenue feel pressure to rip out dry wall, throw out furniture and more to salvage homes. Volunteers cruised around Dickinson dishing out goodies.

"We’ve got food," one volunteer yelled through a megaphone. "We’ve got water. We’ve got cleaning supplies.”

Victims only wished those volunteers could dry homes and tears.

“I’m blessed because I’ve got my wife and I’ve got my kids and I've got my friends," Joey Quiroga, a storm victim said.

Quiroga is a reserve Galveston police officer. He had three feet of water in every room of his home and lost his furniture and both cars.

As Quiroga and his wife, Melinda, escaped with their 10 and 8-year-old sons, rising water forced them to run and leave their car.

In the trunk, Quiroga lost two cameras used to make and sell art. His fundraisers helped families in need nine years in a row.

"My choice was my kids or my equipment," he said.

Quiroga and the man who saved his family with a boat spent hours helping others, but they still need help.

“I’m gonna roll up my sleeves and do everything I can," Quiroga said.