You may have seen the video on our Facebook page of a wife surprising her husband with Rose Bowl tickets on Christmas morning, but the story of the couple makes the moment even more special.

For the Georgia Bulldogs and the Bibbs family, 2017 has been a year of hard hits and one incredible loss.

“She was able to be with us for Christmas [in 2016] and participate in some things, but unfortunately on December 29, the Lord took her home to be with Him,” said Connie Bibbs.

This year, Connie Bibbs and her husband Charles were forced to celebrate Christmas without their youngest daughter Caitlyn, who passed away after a lifelong battle with muscular dystrophy.

“Her smile would just light up a room. She made the most out of life and the hand she was dealt…she made the most out of it,” said Charles.

The Bibbs tried to make the most of 2017 and found a healthy distraction with their love of Georgia football and their hometown hero Jake Fromm. It's a love that Charlie opened up to his wife.

“It wasn't until this year that Jake signed with Georgia that I thought he wanted to go to the games. Caitlyn wasn't here and I didn't have to be here with her anymore. He didn't have to go by himself anymore, so [I told him], 'You know what? I'll go with you to watch Jake play in Athens.' So up and down the road we went,” said Connie.

After the Bulldogs big win in the SEC Championship gave them a chance to play in the College Football Playoffs for the first time, Charlie had hopes of seeing the game in person.

That was until the Bulldogs found out they'd be headed to Pasadena.

“It's been 75 years since we've been in the Rose Bowl. I started looking and planning things out and looking on there. I was giving her figures, but I wasn't pushing it,” said Charles.

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Meanwhile, Connie was making plans of her own.

On Christmas morning, just four days before the one-year anniversary of Caitlyn's passing, Connie surprised Charles with his Christmas wish of Rose Bowl tickets to see the Bulldogs take on the Sooners.

And just like that, it was Charles' smile now lighting up the room in a video that's been viewed nearly half a million times.

“It doesn't stop the hurt or the pain, but at the same time it's been a great relief because we've been so into something together. It's been really great for us to get over a tough year that has eased up because of sports and Georgia football,” said Charles.

“I just said it's a once in a lifetime chance and I know it would make me happy, so here we come Pasadena,” exclaimed Connie.

The two plan on making this a season to remember what they have, instead of what they've lost.

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