Cuyahoga County passed a resolution Tuesday, asking RTA to look at all options before making cuts or hiking prices.

In order to make up $7 million, RTA is considering increasing prices by 11 percent and cutting about 3 percent of the route. Dozens of riders came before the Cuyahoga County Council asking them to pass the resolution.

“When fare increases and routes cut, ridership will decline,” said Alana Faith of Clevelanders for Public Transit. “So what happens then? You have a vibrant city with a less than vibrant mass transit system.”

RTA said it is doing everything it can to avoid raising prices and taking out routes, but it may not be enough.

“We feel if all the cuts were implemented, it would impact less than 1.8 percent of our customers and most of them would have another bus route within half a mile of where they currently are,” said RTA general manager Joe Calabrese.

The resolution also urges the state and federal government to increase public transportation funding. You can see state-by-state comparisons on how Ohio compares in government support.

The RTA board plans to make the final vote on cuts and hikes on June 7.