CANAL FULTON, Ohio — The floodwaters in Canal Fulton are finally starting to recede after heavy rain hit the area hard and fast.

Earlier this week, the Tuscarawas River went over its banks and left approximately four feet of water on Millhaven Avenue.

Homeowners in the area had to move their cars up the road to avoid being stuck. Despite their efforts, people still had to use nearby train tracks and boats to navigate the flood waters. 

"There's no vehicle that can go through that,” Mike Curtis said. “You’ll need a jet ski at this point."

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Don Young has lived in the area for decades and says he and his wife haven’t been to work since Tuesday due to the severity of the flooding.

“It just kept rising and rising,” said Young.

He says it’s the worst flooding he’s seen since 1969.

"It was at least five days where it was flooded where you couldn’t get through,” said Young.

The water has gone down roughly one to two since the flooding first began. Residents in the area believe the water will recede completely soon, barring continued heavy rain in the forecast. 

Jim Rupert, who also lives in the area, says once it’s gone, he hopes there's serious talk about adding another way out of  the neighborhood where the road leads to a dead end.

“Rather it be dirt or gravel, it would be nice to have another outlet,” said Rupert.