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Memos reveal Jackson student who died by suicide had plans to shoot up school: video

"It's going to be so much fun," he wrote. "They won't expect a thing."

JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- Jackson Township police say the seventh grade student who shot himself inside a Jackson Memorial Middle School bathroom last week had plans to conduct a school shooting.

Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink said in a news conference Thursday that detectives found memos written Feb. 14-20 on the boy's phone, detailing an eight-step plan for a school shooting.

An entry dated Feb. 19 said, ".......this will be bigger than anything this country's ever seen, .......I've been planning this for a few weeks and thought about it a few months, I will never be forgotten I'll be a stain in American history and the [redacted last name]'s history, it's going to be so much fun. They won't expect a thing."

The memos also praised the Columbine High School school shooters. A memo dated Feb. 17 said, "I'll look in to those scared little britches eyes before I kill them there's now I'll have followers because I'm so awesome I know someone will follow me just like I followed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebolt's me and them want close to the same thing, It's going to be fun......They say school shootings are horrible but they don't think like us like me Eric and Dylan...."

Brink said detectives believe the boy expected to die that day. A memo entry dated Feb. 18 said, ".....I'm going to die doing it, I hate those people, when they interview my parents and ask how they didn't see the signs they should know it's not them it's me and it's because of how I see the world....I'd hurt and destroy something bigger but my schools an easy target....."

The boy arrived at school by bus around 7:44 a.m. last Tuesday and entered a bathroom. The boy exited the bathroom and brandished the gun, but nearby students didn't notice. The boy returned to the bathroom, where he encountered another student, who noticed the weapon and ran to notify staff. The boy shot himself in the head and faculty found him on the bathroom floor around 7:50 p.m.

On Thursday, the Summit County Medical Examiner ruled that the boy died by suicide.

WKYC has decided not to identify the 13-year-old boy in our reporting.

Police said the boy managed to bring the .22 caliber long rifle to school by concealing it under his clothes. He also had "distractionary devices" in his backpack, meant to divert attention, and about 80 rounds in his backpack and inside magazines.

Brink said investigators aren't sure why the boy changed his mind on shooting others.

Authorities were seen removing materials from the student’s home last Tuesday afternoon. Investigators removed a rifle, video game console and documents among bags of evidence.

Police say the investigation will continue with additional interviews and review of the boy's other electronic devices.

Jackson Local Schools Superintendent Chris DiLoreto issued a news release Thursday afternoon, noting increased presence by law enforcement in all district buildings. He also urged parents to secure their firearms and monitor their children's social media presence.

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