JACKSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Authorities are hosting a 3 p.m. press conference Thursday in Stark County to provide an update regarding last week’s deadly incident at Jackson Memorial Middle School.

We will stream the news conference live inside this story and on our Facebook page.

This comes more than a week after a 7th grade boy died from shooting himself in a school bathroom.

Jackson Township Police Chief Mark Brink said the boy managed to bring a .22 caliber rifle to school by concealing it under his clothes. He said the boy had multiple conversations on the bus on his way to school and nobody noticed the gun, which he had obtained from his mother's house.

WKYC has chosen not to disclose the 13-year-old boy’s name.

The boy’s intentions also remain unclear. Police say he had “distractionary devices” like bottle rockets inside his backpack, meant to divert attention.

Brink also confirmed the boy's backpack possessed additional ammunition, but declined to specify how much.