Stark County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a North Canton man who attempted to change his identity as a registered sexual offender in order to get a job at the local library.

34-year-old Jason Mazzan was hired as a sub-contractor for the North Canton Library in 2016 after giving the false name, 'Jason Drake.' Library officials say Mazzan gave a total of seven programs during a two-year span.

On November 17, library administrators were informed about the possibility that 'Jason Drake' was a convicted sex offender during their 'Libcon' comic convention. Officials then reached out to the Stark County Sheriff's Office to investigate.

North Canton Public Library statement re: Michael Mazzan by on Scribd

The library's Libcon site said 'Jason Drake' was giving a program on "FX Makeup Tips and Tricks." He was listed as the owner of 'Drake Enterprises,' a Kent State graduate with a theater degree, who owns his own comic book prop making businesses and has been making convention appearances for years.

After an investigation, Mazzan was arrested and booked into the Stark County Jail for failure to provide change of arrest and obstructing justice. Both are felony charges.