Wednesday may have marked a turning point for a generation which has seen so many mass shootings.

Across the country and here in Northeast Ohio, students held walk outs to stand in solidarity.

Though administrators did not organize or even approve them, they did not seem to stop them, either.

At Lakewood High School, more than a hundred students left the building at noon and gathered on the front lawn.

Some held signs, as student Rebecca Parch explained there were two big reasons for their gathering.

“We’re hoping that people just finally see that ‘thoughts and prayers’ aren’t stopping these bullets, that we’ll see a change in our gun laws,” she said.

Similar walk outs were held at high schools in Willoughby, Cleveland, Brooklyn and Westlake.

“If we’re going to school we should be able to be safe because a lot of people come to school to be safe because they may not be in safe environments at home,” Lakewood student Teaja Keith said.

Keith said students were given permission to leave so long as they stayed on campus.

Later in the day, it was a very different scene at Mentor High School.

Students there held a moment of silence for the Florida victims on the athletic fields. It was also not a school-sanctioned event, with administrators using police to tell the media to leave.

Many students say they plan to participate in future demonstrations, including “March for our Lives” on March 24th. Rallies that day are being planned in Washington, DC and across the country.