An estimated 225 heroin overdose deaths in Summit County made 2016 one of the worst years ever for those struggling with a heroin addiction.

The final numbers from the Medical Examiner’s Office are not in yet, but the amount is not shocking after a year of streets being plagued with lethal drugs --- including carfentanil – a large animal sedative, 100 times more deadly than fentanyl and 2500 times more deadly than heroin.

Videos showing people passed out in cars following a heroin overdose have surfaced online, across the country, and the state. It’s left an image behind that’s hard to shake off, but has also left people coming together to raise awareness.

Thousands showed up to a rally in Akron back in August to raise awareness about the heroin epidemic in the area and the need for help. It was a strong show of support that led to some finding a treatment center, like 21-year-old Kylie of Akron.

“You have to work on more than just getting off drugs. You have to work on you.”

Recovery groups and organizations are also looking to combat the problem through prevention and awareness. The Packard Institute, a recovery center in Akron, has made it a point to broadcast memorials on Facebook to remember those who have lost their lives in the struggle with an addiction.

While it may be a somber image for some, the Packard Institute hopes it becomes a positive impact moving into the new year.