CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — If the sandstone cliffs at Mary Campbell's Cave could talk, what would they tell us? 

Could it shake up what we know about this site? 

"We're trying to let them talk and kind of tell us their story," explains archaeologist Dr. Megan Shaeffer. 

The "cave's" name is part of that story. According to Dr. Shaeffer, Mary Campbell was a real person and she was kidnapped by the Lenn Nappe in the late 1750's and they did bring her probably to somewhere in Ohio.

Legend says she was help captive at the cave, now part of the Gorge Metro Park in Summit County, but no one knows for sure. This dig may unearth some answers.

"We're looking for any evidence that would tell us that was something that really happened, but we haven't found it," says Dr. Shaeffer. 

Digging back through time takes time and they've found some artifacts, just not ancient ones. Broken glass, drainage tile and some rusty nails. Dr. Shaeffer says the found artificats are historic and consistent with the use of that particular rock formation and shelter. 

Summit Metroparks encourages visitors to the site to stop by and ask questions. 

"The response has been overwhelming where people are coming out and especially kids," adds Dr. Shaeffer. "This is the first time they've seen archaeology being done."

Taking a trip back through history, one trowel at a time. The search continues through Friday.