Sources say between 40 and 50 Summit County residents were notified surveyors and armed guards with the NEXUS Pipeline might try to come on properties beginning Monday.

In Summit County, the proposed pipeline might snake through two cities, Green and New Franklin

A letter sent to some residents by attorney David Mucklow, details the plans and asks residents impacted to “not consent even if threatened.”

The letter is all about continuing efforts to put a massive high-pressure pipeline underground.

The project would move natural gas from Southeast Ohio up to Canada. The plans have become known as the NEXUS project.

Houston-based Spectra Energy and Detroit-based D-T-E Energy are jointly pushing for the 200-mile long pipeline.

Summit County Common Pleas Judge Mary Rowlands previously denied a temporary restraining order which would have allowed NEXUS to survey properties without permission from landowners.

Mucklow says while the companies have found ways to survey in other Ohio communities impacted by the potential pipeline, legal maneuvering within Summit County has made it illegal for NEXUS workers to survey properties without property-owner permission.

“They don’t have a court order from the Summit County Common Pleas court and until they get that, they have no court in this county that’s enabled them to enter property and do surveys,” Mucklow tells WKYC Channel 3’s Hilary Golston.

On a fundamental level Mucklow says the approach NEXUS project workers have taken, is the wrong approach.

“This issue was property rights. That’s what got me started. The way Nexus approached property owners was another thing that was very disturbing. They were bullying from day one. They basically told people that they’re coming... you don’t have any rights and you just need to do what we tell you to do… and that’s not the case.”

Channel 3 reached out to Spetra Energy for a comment on this story, but the company did not return calls by news time.

Mucklow adds one of the complexities of the project is that the company wants to do more than survey people’s property. “Their complaint asks to enter property, dig test holes, bore holes, cut trees, occupy the land for unlimited periods of time and not pay people for it.”

The letter also advises people not to “display firearms, even if you have the right to concealed carry.”

Instead, Mucklow says call the Sheriff if you live in the City of Green. New Franklin residents are asked to call their police department.

According to information obtained by Channel 3, the surveys could run from Monday through early December.