CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — It was an act of kindness captured on camera. 

Cuyahoga Falls firefighter and paramedic Dan Grimm not only helped to treat a man who was injured while mowing his lawn, but he decided to finish mowing the rest of the man’s front yard. 

Robert Rainey, 82, was in the middle of mowing his lawn when he says a neighbor’s car had accidentally backed into him, knocking him to the ground. He suffered cuts and bruises to his hands and forehead. Rainey said he's sore but was able to get back on his feet after paramedics helped to treat him inside an ambulance.

Soon after, Grimm decided to finish up the job Rainey had left behind.

"[Grimm] came and grabbed my lawn mower and said 'I’m going to mow your lawn,' and that’s what he did," said Rainey. "I’m grateful he did it. I was in no shape to finish that job."

Rainey, who is also battling colon cancer, said he was shocked to see Grimm jump into action and finish a out-of-the-ordinary task for a firefighter.

The act of kindness was captured in a photo and posted online.

I heard the 911 call come in today for a man who became injured while mowing his lawn. Unfortunate situation, but not too out of the ordinary. Then tonight, a neighbor sent me this photo! Not only...

"Being a firefighter/paramedic is more than doing just your duties," said Grimm in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon. "It’s about being a good human more than just being the perfect firefighter."

Grimm said he wasn’t expecting any of the attention. 

"I hope that everyone that gets wounded gets the same treatment that I got," said Rainey. 

Grimm said he just wanted to lend a helping hand.

"Anyone would have done it," said Grimm. "I work with some of the best guys in the fire service. We’re just doing us and we would have done it for anybody."