There's a strange story coming out of Summit County, where the phone lines at a Toyota dealership are being held hostage for ransom.

Hackers have taken control of the internet based lines at Summit Toyota for the last three days. They say they'll turn them back over to the dealership, if it pays up.

Managers at the dealership say they won't pay, but so far they are not getting a lot of help from law enforcement.

"There are some jurisdictional issues associated with the FBI because the amount of money they've tried to extort from us has been relatively low," says Dan Pyle of Summit Toyota. "Because it's only $851, no one's paying a whole lot of attention to us...yet."

This isn't the first time a bizarre ransom like this has happened.

Late last month, the city of Atlanta had a similar situation when hackers took over the entire computer system in the city, holding it for ransom.