The Mayor of Macedonia, Joseph Migliorini resigned from office, effective immediately, Monday afternoon.

The resignation comes shortly after it became known that Migliorini was charged for domestic violence against his girlfriend in Florida back in April.

In a prepared statement, he addressed the allegations made against him.

"The matter is still pending, and I therefore cannot comment at length about the specifics of the situation."

In the statement, he went on to say that while his actions had not relation to the city of Macedonia and the Mayor's office, a negative impact has ensued. He continued stating that he believed his resignation was the selfless thing to do for the greater good of the city.

" While I believe that I can continue to fulfill my official duties pursuant to the Constitution and the Charter of the City of Macedonia, and would endure whatever personal pain may be required to continue to serve as Mayor, I must not act selfishly, but rather for the greater good of the City, and out of respect for my family, children and grandchildren. I cannot and will not let the allegation be a distraction from the important business of the City."

Migliorini, 65, first served as mayor of Macedonia from 1988 to 2001. He was re-elected in 2015.

Migilorni's full statement can be read below:

Macedonia Mayor's Resignation Letter by on Scribd