Nexus has offered the city of Green $7.5 million and additional terms in a proposed settlement agreement to end the legal battle over the construction of a 36-inch pipeline in the community.

The settlement agreement includes an offer of $7.5 million to the city of Green in exchange for the right to use about 2.5 acres of city property. In that agreement, a 5-million dollar bond would be put in place after road repairs are made by Nexus and 20 acres of land, adjacent to Boettler Park, will be donated to the city.

The settlement agreement would also allow the city to designate project liaisons for site visits and to report any violations. The settlement also states that the proposed pipeline would be monitored 24/7 after construction.

City council reviewed the agreement during a meeting with the city's law director Tuesday. On Wednesday, the public will be invited for comment on the agreement which would be followed by a vote. The meetings will be held at the Central Administration Building at 1755 Town Park Blvd at 7 p.m. The meetings will be live streamed on the city's website.

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Green released the proposed agreement late Tuesday afternoon:

Nexus-Green settlement by on Scribd

On Monday, the city of Oberlin also discussed a settlement agreement with Nexus that would end its legal fight against the construction of the 36-inch pipeline through the city.

The proposal includes a $100,000 offer to enter a "grant of easement," which would give Nexus the right to use city property to construct a pipeline. The original settlement agreement proposed included an offer of $3,500 and the second offer was increased to $50,000.

Oberlin has spent about $50,000 in legal fees, and the city of Green has already spent about $165,000 in legal and environmental services. The cities can reject the offer and continue the battle – or end the fight and agree to the settlement.

The city of Green has been fighting the project for years, citing environmental and economic impact to the community and safety concerns. City council is expected to meet Wednesday for a vote after public comments.

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