AKRON -- The Streetsboro man convicted of murder for shooting and killing an Akron man during a disagreement over a dirt bike was sentenced to life behind bars Monday morning.

William Knight, 64, shot and killed 24-year-old Keith Johnson in March 2017. A jury found him guilty earlier this month.

Prosecutors say Knight shot Johnson once in the head, striking him near the right eye.

Knight read a prepared statement prior to hearing his fate.

"I, William Knight, 64 years old, immediately felt sorrow and sympathy at the loss of Keith Johnson for the mother and the family," he said.

Johnson's mother, Laquita Johnson, addressed the court prior to the sentencing.

"I wish the best for you, Mr. Knight," she said, turning to face her son's killer.

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The incident happened during a dispute over a stolen dirt bike. Knight's son-in-law noticed his dirt bike, which had been stolen in February of 2016, for sale on a social media site.

Knight and his son-in-law set up a meeting with Johnson to buy the bike back. When the trio met, a fight broke out and the son-in-law attempted to grab the bike. Johnson attempted to flee on the bike and started to drive at Knight, who pulled out a gun and shot him.

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