The flu season has hospitals busy. People everywhere are getting sick. At the Summit County Board of Health, they're tracking cases in the county

"We feel that this is an important piece of public health information that we can share with the community," says Cory Kendrick of Summit County Public Health.

The Influenza Data Dashboard has three pages. The first page is general information on ER cases of influenza like symptoms reported at hospitals

Kendrick says you can filter that by zip code, by male vs female, and by age demographic.

Page two compares numbers over time, comparing data so you can see if this season is worse than last season.

Page three has specifics, showing the actual positive tests for influenza. It also shows the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths from the flu.

9 people have died in Summit County since October.

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"It's very serious," says Kendrick. "People should take it very seriously. We encourage everyone to go out and get their flu shot, even though there are reports that say its 30% effective for one strain and 60% for another, it can still reduce your symptoms."

If the trends hold true, flu cases here in Summit County will rise again before the end of the season in May.