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Summit County Sheriff's Office issues warning on deer

Oh deer!
Deer (Photo: Thinkstock/Getty Images)


The Summit County Sheriff's Office is issuing a warning to drivers about deer. 

The office took to social media Monday reminding people that  " November is the peak month for vehicle-deer collisions in Ohio." 

According to their reports, nearly 4,000 accidents occurred on the roads last year. 

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November also marks the start of deer mating season meaning you’ll see more of them wandering the wooded areas and roads.

“They're crossing roads all over the place,” Sgt. Adam Doles from Ohio State Highway Patrol said. “They're focus is not on you driving your car, it's more on who they’re going to meet.”

The Summit County Sheriff's Office offered the following tips and reminders when driving in heavily deer populated areas.

  • When you see one deer crossing, more will usually follow
  • Pay attention to deer warning sign--they're there for a reason
  • Deer are nocturnal and most often travel at dusk and dawn
  • Headlights confused deer and may cause them to move erratically or freeze in the middle of the road

Last but certainly not least, the Sheriff's Office says "stay alert and drive safely."

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