Holly Miktarian got the call ten years ago today that her husband Josh, a Twinsburg police officer, was dead.

He had been shot and killed by a driver he pulled over for playing loud music.

Twinsburg Police Department

“Never thought in Twinsburg,” Holly said Friday.

The couple was married just two years at the time and had with a three-month-old daughter named Thea.

Today, Holly is not even sure how she got through it, but says having her daughter helped.

“I just had that moment where I’m like ‘I have to be here for her now. This is my job,’” she said. “And my brothers in blue, the police officers…we stick together and take care of each other for the most part.”

Miktarian family

The shooter was convicted of murder.

Thea, now 10, would make any parent proud and is grateful people remember her father's sacrifice.

“That they care. They just care. I just wanted people to never forget this one thing,” she said Friday.

Over the years, the family’s struggles and strengths have inspired the community. Bob Votruba is among them.

He now drives a “Million Acts of Kindness” bus and each year, and rides a bike with inspirational messages on the anniversary of Officer Josh Miktarian’s death.

“It’s just that remembering to honor and not forget,” he said.

On Friday night, he also joined Holly and Thea and others outside the Twinsburg Government Center for a memorial.

“Just something simple we wanted to do,” Holly Miktarian said. “Just come out and pay your respects at the memorial. We have a candle, light a candle, and that’s all--just something simple.”