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Thriving through challenge: local mom talks parenting and running a small business during pandemic

3News Contributor Chris Webb introduces us to Brittany Aniton, a mom juggling remote schooling while keeping her screen printing business afloat

CLEVELAND — Brittany Aniton is a business owner, wife, and mother whose screen-printing company 3hree Clothing has been on the rise.

"I got in the business because the market was really bad in 2014 and I was among many to lose my job and become unemployed. That kind of sparked something in me to find something that I can do that nobody could take away from me," Aniton said. "This is, you know, something me and my husband built and my kids can watch me work."

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That work was going well, but the pandemic threw Aniton some unexpected curveballs, including having to manage her kids' remote learning.

"It changed the dynamic of my business because normally I would come over here a little bit earlier and have more of the day to work," she said.

Credit: Brittany Aniton
Brittany Aniton and her kids at work.

But even while juggling motherhood and business ownership, Aniton has still found ways to innovate in these trying times.

"Right when Covid hit and they said that masks were a requirement, I got on my sewing machine and tried to figure out the best pattern," she said. "A lot of people, you know, they want to look good, they don't just want a hospital mask on...they want their logo or they want it blinged out, or you know they want it just a little bit jazzed up and that's where I come into play."

For business owners, these times could be difficult. It takes a lot to survive. And like Brittany, a mindset to rise above is half the battle.

"Keep going," Aniton said. "Don't let anything stop you, even a pandemic. because there's still money to be made in a pandemic. Whatever your business is don't be afraid to put yourself out there and you know, just step out on faith."

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