This has been the summer for ticks.

Thanks to a warm winter, more ticks are out there in the woods and elsewhere. And some of the disease carrying kind are making their way further north.

They're in there, waiting with legs outstretched, looking to catch a ride on you or your pet. Ticks are everywhere, well adapted, and opportunists.

They can carry disease, but should you be worried?

We 'talked ticks' with Dr. Margot Erme of the Summit County Board of Health.

Question 1: Do all ticks carry disease? "No. Not all ticks carry disease," Dr. Erme says. "There are all different types of ticks, and not all ticks will carry the same type of disease either."

Question 2: Are disease carrying ticks common in Ohio? "We have seen some ticks, such as a black legged tick moving more into Northeast Ohio, so yes we've seen a few more of those," Dr. Erme confirmed.

Question 3: If I find a tick imbedded, what should I do? "First of all, don't panic," explained Dr. Erme. "Take a very fine tipped tweezers, put it down towards the base of where the tick where it has attached to the skin and with steady pressure, pull straight up.

Question 4: If I get a "bullseye rash" will I get Lyme Disease? "If you get a rash that's like a bullseye, see your doctor," Dr. Erme instructed.

Question 5: How can I keep ticks off me, my pets, and my family? "You want to protect yourself wearing long pants, socks. Using tick repellant as well," says Dr. Erme. "I tell people to be cautious, but not paranoid."

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