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Two Ohio State doctors among 45 members of Ohio Task Force 1 in Louisiana

Dr. Daniel Bachmann and Dr. Nicholas Kman from the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center are down in Louisiana helping save lives after Hurricane Ida passed through.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — As the recovery efforts continue near the gulf after Hurricane Ida, help is coming from all over the country. 

Here in Ohio, American Electric Power is sending more than 200 people to Louisiana Wednesday morning. The American Red Cross is also sending people to help. 

But 45 members of Ohio Task Force 1 are already down there and among them, are two emergency doctors from the Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center: Dr. Daniel Bachmann and Dr. Nicholas Kman.  

"The health care system in Louisiana was already overrun, most of New Orleans, all of New Orleans and much of Louisiana does not have power. New Orleans does not have water that ready to drink,” he said.  

Hundreds of thousands of Louisianans face this unsettling reality. Kman's normally an emergency physician at the medical center, but for now, he's serving with helping aid the people of Louisiana.  

"Today (Tuesday) we're out on the road doing search and rescue mostly searching structures that are damaged and going through seeing if anyone's sick that needs our help,” said Dr. Kman.  

With no power, there's no cell service. That could mean many people are stranded and need assistance.  

"New Orleans isn't expected to get power back within the next couple of weeks, so I think you know this will be a long process,” said Dr. Kman.  

He said the task force is stationed in Lafayette, about two hours west of New Orleans.  

Kman doesn't know how long they'll be down there but however long, they'll work to save as many people.  

"The people of Louisiana are incredibly resilient, and we want to do the best we can wherever they need us,” said Dr. Kman.