Forest Hill is a neighborhood in an historic district that's partly in both Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland.

It's made up of about 1,000 distinctive older homes full of charm and character.

It was founded by John D. Rockefeller and it's the most upscale portion of struggling East Cleveland.

But there's trouble in Forest Hill.

A growing number of residents are upset by the increasing number of long-abandoned homes in both cities that are hurting property values and the cities' failure to address the problem.

Mike and Fiona Reilly are the ramrods behind a push to make Forest Hill its own village like Bratenahl, Woodmere or Linndale.

They are using meetings, online videos and social media to promote the effort.

They do not believe East Cleveland's possible merger with Cleveland could happen soon enough to help Forest Hill's issues.

Incorporating as a village would take cooperation from both cities, several voter elections and the approval of Cuyahoga County.

As of now, there are no answers to the questions of where tax dollars would come from to hire police, firefighters and provide services.

But village backers argue it's time to think outside the box and change the conversation.

In their eyes, a big issue is a Homeowners Association they say runs more like a garden club and does not use its power to address problems and issues.

Those pushing for the change hope to legally force an election.

Forest Hill does have some influential residents.

Perhaps ironic is that East Cleveland's ousted Mayor Gary Norton. Cleveland Heights' present mayor Cheryl Stephens and former Mayor Ed Kelley all live there,