Did you get a call from your cable company recently? More than two million will.

They're the customers who were switched from Time Warner Cable to Spectrum when Spectrum's parent company Charter bought them out.

Spectrum has been reaching out about their new and improved, all-digital format with Robocalls announcing an important message.

Exciting right? Well... not really. Because that "important message" is that you now have to have a digital receiver on every tv in your house – which means no more just plugging a cable straight into your TV.

So you may be asking: is this going to cost more money?

We wanted to Verify, and reached out to Charter's (aka Spectrum's) regional spokesman Bill Morand. In an email exchange, he included a freshly drafted press release that says:

"Spectrum is making it easy for customers to receive one or more digital receivers at no cost for one, two or five years."

How many years you get that free receiver depends on the type of plan you have – ya’ know, how much you spend with them.

There was zero mention of an additional cost, so we pressed - several times - to see if the bills would go up. Eventually Morand responded by email that after the "free" introductory period, you're gonna get whacked with an additional $4.99 a month for that receiver.

So, will Spectrum customers see an increase in their bill after getting that so called "free" digital receiver? The answer is yes. If you want cable, it'll cost you five bucks for any TV set.

And that's Verified.

Now you would think, with all the people cutting the cord these days, the last thing cable companies would want to do is push customers away. The companies say the increases are to offset the higher prices they're paying for programming. But customers don’t seem to have a whole lot of sympathy for that.


  • Bill Morand, Regional Spokesman for Charter


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