If you are a fan of vodka, recent headlines may have you concerned. Some sites reported -- like this one here -- "it'll be nearly impossible to buy flavored vodka in Ohio in 2018.”

The articles say 700 bottles of liquor would be pulled from store shelves as of Jan. 1.

But we wanted to verify if it's actually true.

We asked Jim Canepa with the Department of Liquor Control.

“What we are doing here is looking at the ones that sell verses the ones that don't sell and making room for the ones that do sell.”

It's a simple supply and demand move, and not exactly doom and gloom for flavored vodkas. Canepa says they do this every year with every liquor and spirit.

If you like an off-the-wall kind of flavor, does that mean you missed your chance to buy it?

“What's really new here is the push to call them out, put them in a section of the store that's called "last call" and discount them so customers can actually readily find them and it's a win-win for us,” says Canepa.

If it seems like the list of 700 liquors is a lot, keep in mind, most liquors are listed a few times because of multiple sizes.

So, will it be impossible to buy flavored Vodka in Ohio this year? We verified that is false!


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